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Recognizing the contribution of the Tuskegee Airmen, Stan Stokes; The Palm Springs Air Museum and the San Diego Aerospace Museum have sponsored events calling attention both to individuals and the group as a whole. In addition, the National Park Service has established the Tuskegee National Historic Site.

Dedication of the Tuskegee Memorial Mural

Tuskegee Mural

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The Tuskegee Mural (60' x 8') was begun in December 2000 in the B17 hangar of the Palm Springs Air Museum and completed a year later, December 2001. The official unveiling program was held at the Palm Springs Air Museum February 2002. Over 1,000 visitors attended this program including many of the original Tuskegee Airmen. Each year afterward, the Air Museum has sponsored a Saturday event honoring both the Airmen and the production of the mural.

During the opening dedication of the mural, a number of the original airmen spoke of their experiences and posed in front of their WWII mural images.

Airmen Appearing on the Mural

On the Right - From top left to right

Dr. Willis Duffy, John Lehman, Buddy Lockett, John Fields, Allen Norton, Robert Williams, Dr. Roscoe Brown, Joe Shambrey, Joseph Smith, Webster Guiar, Lemuel Custis, Charles DeBow, George Roberts, Benjamin Davis Jr, Mac Ross, George Mitchell, Elbert Hudson, Charles McGee, Lowell Steward, Andrew Simon, Spurgeon Ellington, James Crowder, Jack Bryant, Monte Posey, Charles Brantley, Hannibal Cox, William Patrick, Dr. Robert Higginbotham, Alton Ballard, Abe Moore, Joseph Bryant Jr. and James Johnson.

On the Left - From top left to right

Rusty Burns, Clarence Finley, Mitchell Higginbotham, Bill Melton, Lou Young, Chappie James, Lee Archer, Ed Gleed, Bill Ellis, Charles Bussey, Dr. Hackley Woodford, Roger Terry, Curtis Smith, Robert Porter, Oliver Goodall, Aaron Harrington, Paul Lehman and Elwood Driver.

Mural Unveiling

February 2, 2002, The Palm Springs Air Museum hosted the unveiling of this great work of art honoring those airmen that for so long had been ignored. On one of the heaviest visitation days experienced by the museum well over one thousand visitors were in attendence. It was a rare opportunity to hear these men speak of their experiences during those troubled times. Stan Stokes can be seen in the center of this picture describing the project.

Mural Subjects

Posing in front of the mural, from left to right, Dr. Bob Higginbotham, Joan Williams (Bob's Widow), Stan Stokes, Dr. Bill Duffy, Dr. Bob Higginbotham, Al Hudson, Dr. Bill Duffy, Clarence Finley, Bill Terry, Montey Posey and Dr. Woodford.

Dedication Tuskegee National Historic Site

The genesis of the Tuskegee Airmen began at Moton Field close to the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. During initial training, the Army Air Corps used Piper J3 Cubs. It was Moton field where Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt requested a plane ride displaying her confidence that black pilots were the equivalent of white pilots. As the training needs expanded, the Army Air Corps built a complete airbase nearby and transferred training to this new location that became Tuskegee Army Air Field or simply TAAF.

Alex Jefferson and the hangar at Moton Field

On Oct. 10, 2008 original members of the Tuskegee Airmen, members of the US Air Force and supporters attended the grand opening of the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site at Moton Field, Alabama, the initial training ground of the Airmen. Pictured are Alex Jefferson, Tuskegee Airman and P51 pilot and the aviation hangar at Moton Field housing the Airmen museum. Alex Jefferson is speaking prior to cutting the ribbon that officially opens this US National Park Historic Site.

Attendees at the dedication

Tuskegee pilots Rusty Burns, Charles McGee, artist Stan Stokes, pilots Lee Archer, Roscoe Brown and Alex Jefferson.

Anderson and Lane, ribbon cutting

Charles Anderson (son of Chief Anderson who piloted Eleanor Roosevelt) and Charles Lane. Ribbon cutting ceremony from left to right; Alabama Governor, Bob Riley; Deputy Secy of the Interior, Lynn Scarlett; Alex Jefferson; Dr. Benjamin Payton, President, Tuskegee University and Lt. Gen. Russell C. Davis.

Tuskegee Airmen at TAAF

This group picture of the attending Tuskegee Airmen was taken at the Tuskegee Army Aircorps Field a few miles from Moton Field, the National Historic Site. In the center of the picture is the current owner of this property, Guice Slawson.

San Diego Aerospace Museum’s Hall of Fame

On October 25, 2008, a painting by Stan Stokes honoring the Tuskegee Airmen was enshrined into the San Diego Aerospace Museum's Hall of Fame in a ceremony that also honored five other giants in the world of aerospace. In the foreground Lee Archer signs the Stokes painting while, on the left, Dr. Roscoe Brown signs prints of another Stokes Tuskegee Airmen print and Lee Archer on the right.

Lee Archer signs painting

Dr. Roscoe Brown signs the Stokes painting of Bunnie and right is the artist Stan Stokes with Dr. Brown.

Attendees at the dedication

Dr. Roscoe Brown and Lee Archer were present to unveil the painting that depicted both of the 332nd Fighter Group pilots along with Lee Archer’s P-51C Ina the Macon Belle.

Brown, Stokes and Archer

That evening, Stan had the pilots sign two additional paintings of Dr. Roscoe Brown and his P-51D Bunnie and Stan’s large painting Red Tails Debrief. Lee Archer on the right.